Sightseeing in Delhi

Guide to the Best Sights in Delhi

When you think of Delhi, you probably don’t think of amazing sights… you probably think, busy, dirty, crowded (yes, it is these things also, but REALLY  not as bad as you think) and not about the incredible sights you can see! This blog post will share the top 4 places we experienced in Delhi.

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The India Gate

The war memorial that you have to get a snap of! This monument is free, so why not take a trip. Beware of scammers, we had a tiny paper Indian flag pinned to us by a ‘teacher’ and no matter how much we said no she managed to pin it on us, we only gave her Rs. 10 so not a major problem but still a pain.

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib

This is the largest and most prominent Gurdwara in Delhi and all are welcome! We went with a guy from the hostel and he took us round. It was an amazing experience and we even got to help out a little in the community kitchen. We were taught how to make roti, stirred the HUGE curry pots, and learnt about the machines churning out thousands more roti a day! Everything here is run on donations and volunteers and their only ‘policy’ is that no one goes hungry and there’s always a place for you to sleep.

Sunder Nursery

Escape from the hustle and bustle that is Delhi and relax in these beautiful gardens. There was hardly anyone there when we went but lots of wildlife, and for Rs. 100 it was the perfect spot to nap in the shade under a tree after exploring Humayun’s tomb. They also have chilled purified water on tap which was such a happy find!

Humayun’s Tomb

Built in 1570, this tomb is of particular cultural significance as it was the first garden-tomb in India. It’s beautiful and peaceful, and rarely really busy. It’s about Rs. 550 per person, so quite cheap as monuments/ tourist attractions go. Walk around the gardens and tomb itself and then take a seat on the grass in front of the tomb and take in the views.

There’s so much more to see in Delhi, but these were our favourites, so would definitely recommend them all. As we said, Delhi really isn’t as dirty or busy as you’d think! Jordan was panicking on the plane saying she wouldn’t be able to cope but she was very pleasantly surprised! That said, there are still some things you should prepare yourself for. Our post on tips to prepare yourself for India will be up soon, so stay tuned.

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