Guide for First Time Skiers

Guide for First Time Skiers

Saint-Francois-Longchamp was our first holiday together back in 2015, and my first time skiing. We packed up our van in the early hours, and made the long 12 hour drive taking the eurotunnel, something I’m sure no one looks forward to. I can’t lie, I was pretty excited to ride the eurotunnel for the first time, but after 5 minutes the novelty of it wore off and I was uncomfortable and bored again! But trust me… the destination is worth discomfort!

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Tip #1: Pre-holiday lessons

One thing I wish I did was take skiing lessons before I arrived. Everyone told me to, but I didn’t listen. I was like bambi on ice when I put my skis on for the first time, and ended up joining the ski school and missing out on fun with Sam and his family. That said, I picked it up very quickly, and before I knew it I was eating and drinking on piste with the rest of the party! I’d say 3-4 lessons before you head to the slopes.

Tip #2: Go for it… at your own pace

If you don’t think you’re ready for a particular run, you’re probably not. Don’t listen to your pro-skier of a boyfriend when he tells you a run is easy, because you’ll end up stuck up a mountain sliding down on your bum for 3 hours out of fear! The memorial stone half way down gave me no confidence, and we ended up being found by mountain rescue saying the slopes were closing. I did tackle that run by the end of the holiday, but take it easy because you could end up losing lots of confidence.

Tip #3: Altitude Sickness – Be Prepared

Having never been up a mountain before this holiday, I was very ill-prepared for the effects of altitude. Be prepared AT ALL TIMES! Little did I know, public toilets in the ski resort apartment complexes DO NOT HAVE TOILET ROLL! It was too late for me, learn from my mistakes *facepalm*. 

(carefully curated photos unrelated to this tip to remind you that altitude sickness is a small price to pay for a beautiful place.)

Tip #4: Suncream, Suncream, Suncream

It’s deceivingly sunny up there! Again, don’t listen to your boyfriend when he tells you you don’t need suncream… YOU DO!

All of these minor, somewhat embarrassing mishaps were all worth it in the grand scheme of things. I’ve never experienced something so breathtakingly beautiful. Skiing can be quite overwhelming, but just remember it’s a holiday and you’re supposed to be enjoying it. Don’t worry about taking half a day off if you’re feeling tired, it’s knackering, especially as a beginner. Reward yourself with une pression, take in the views, enjoy the sun, and relax (and don’t forget toilet roll!).

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