Luxury Guide: Sailing in Lelystad

Luxury Lelystad Sailing

When you think of The Netherlands the first thing that springs to mind probably isn’t sailing, right? Well, I’m here to tell you’re missing out! This post will share what you can expect on a day trip sailing in Lelystad.

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Sailing the IJsselmeer

We visited Lelystad for my Dad’s work summer event, and probably wouldn’t have given sailing a thought had it not been booked for us! We had 2 boats for the day trip, both with about 30/40 people on.

We were met with champagne as we boarded, and sailed through the day and into the sunset. We joined the trip for leisure so a captain steered the boat, whilst we enjoyed drinks and the amazing views. We did give steering a quick go but spent the majority of the day relaxing.

The 2 boats with our party on joined together at lunch time where we enjoyed a luxury buffet in the fully kitted out dining area below deck, and had a bbq, played games, and drank some more on deck. 

All in all we sailed from morning into the early evening, watching the sunset and enjoying some drinks. This is definitely the perfect summer experience if you’re looking for something a little different to do in the Netherlands. Lelystad is also a short train ride from Amsterdam so, like us, you can pop into town for the day and explore a little before your next flight!

For an unforgettable day, get yourselves to Lelystad and sail into the sunset! Click here for more info on how you can do this incredible experience too!

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