The Ultimate Edit


  • This pack contains all presets from The Beach Edit, The Sunset Edit, The Landscape Edit and The Urban Edit.
  • 32 presets for a perfect colour balance in your photos.
  • Each pack suits specific kinds of photos but are customisable to all photos.
  • Phone presets work for free Lightroom App, no subscription needed! (you need a subscription to Lightroom for the Desktop presets)
  • Installation Guide PDF

The Ultimate Edit includes 32 Lightroom Desktop + Lightroom Phone App Presets.



    Beach 1 - Deep Blues

    This preset will enhance and deepen blue tones in images. Works great in making water crystal clear and vibrant!

    Beach 2 - White Sand

    This preset remove yellow tones and enhances whites whilst keeping contrasts up. Soft overlay for sleek smooth finish. This works best with photos showing sand and sea - creates a paradise island vibe.

    Beach 3 - Waterfall Pools

    Enhances blue and teal tones and deepens oranges. High contrast. This preset works best on rock pool photos, waterfall pools, and any photos featuring rocks and water!

    Beach 4 - Sand Dunes

    This preset colour grades highlights and shadows in sand. High contrast with saturated blues. Works perfectly on Sand Dune images to capture details in the dunes.

    Beach 5 - Rose

    Bright and airy low contrast preset. Adds a light magenta hue. Perfect all rounder to add a pinky dreamy vibe to darker photos.

    Beach 6 - Brighter Days

    High exposure in highlights and shadows. Bright, soft, warm overlay to lighten darker and low exposed photos.

    Beach 7 - Beachrock

    High contrast, darker preset for a more dramatic effect. Prefect for enhancing beach rocks, coves and rocky shores.

    Beach 8 - Pinky

    Darker tones with high pink tint and saturated blues. High vibrance and enhanced blacks & whites. Another perfect all rounder for a pink hue and high saturation.

    Urban 1 - Amer Fort

    Bright, warm and sharp. This preset works perfectly against old stone. It will add enhanced detail and colour-grading to old rock and brick.

    Urban 2 - Ancient Ruins

    Low exposure, warm and sharp. This preset is perfect for ancient ruin photography. It deepens shadows created in intricate rock and stone, and enhance oranges for a dramatic finish. Great for showcasing detail in historical architecture.

    Urban 3 - Radcliffe Camera

    Bright with low saturation and high contrast. Perfect for enhancing historical buildings in the middle of cities. Also creates a dramatic enhancement to cloudy skies.

    Urban 4 - Monks Dormitory

    Almost black and white with the exception of reds. This preset will make reds pop and give high contrast, low saturation to all other tones. Perfect for London photography of post boxes/ phone boxes, enhancing a subject wearing red, and enhancing sun light leaks.

    Urban 5 - Red Brick

    High contrast with over-enhanced red channels. Perfect for enhancing photography of red brick photography.

    Urban 6 - St. Pauls

    High contrast and saturation. This preset brightens photos and enhances shadows. Also has a subtle vignette to focus centre-positioned subjects/ buildings.

    Urban 7 - Tower Bridge

    Bright whites and dark blacks with enhanced blue tones. This preset brightens and saturates whilst deepening shadows for detail in architecture. Subtle vignette to focus centre-positioned subjects/ buildings.

    Urban 8 - Battle Abbey

    Extreme contrast with low saturation in all tones apart from reds. Great for dramatic contrasts with red tones against architecture.

    Sunset 1 - Deep Pink Sunset

    High contrast and enhanced pink hue. This preset will give any photo a pink sunset vibe! Even the greyest of days will look magical with this preset. Why not pair it with a sunset sky replacement for those dull looking photos you're dying to spruce up!

    Sunset 2 - Bright Sunset

    High exposure with reduced shadow intensity. Capturing sunsets often creates high contrast, dark tones in the foreground. No messing around with aperture needed, one click and your photos will be bright and dreamy!

    Sunset 3 - Deep Colours

    High contrast, saturation and darkened luminance. This preset will make sunsets more fiery and increase the contrast in the highlights and shadows for a dramatic photo.

    Sunset 4 - Deep Oranges

    Super fiery sunsets with this preset! Enhances the saturation of oranges and darkens the luminance whilst increasing exposure in other colours. This preset is also perfect for enhancing your tan!!

    Sunset 5 - Dramatic Skies

    High contrast with a slight pink hue. Decreased saturations in foreground with vibrance enhanced in sky (pinks, blues). This preset will give your photos a very dramatic effect that will make you say WOW!

    Sunset 6 - Dreamy Days

    Bright, warm, soft with a slight pink hue. This preset will brighten any photo and apply a soft overlay for that 'dreamy' effect.

    Sunset 7 - Pinks & Blues

    This preset will perfectly colour grade sunrise and early sunset pinks and blues. This preset works perfectly for lighting and colour adjustments for dramatic sky replacement edits. Pinky blue hues for any photo!

    Sunset 8 - Sunset Silhouettes

    A dramatic one!! Full enhancement on contrast, shadows and blacks to create silhouettes against dramatic skies. Colour grading for this one is warm, saturated, with a dramatic pink hue. This preset will create a COMPLETELY different photo!

    Landscape 1 - Bright Hills

    This low contrast, high exposure preset will brighten your photos whilst maintaining the shadows. A great all rounder for subtle changes.

    Landscape 2 - Quaint Village

    Low exposure, high contrast preset. Enhances orange saturation for more vibrant houses and skies. We like this preset for pretty english villages for a vintage look.

    Landscape 3 - High Exposure

    As it says on the tin - this preset is to dramatically increase exposure! It's low saturation with deep greens, perfect for enhancing countryside photography.

    Landscape 4 - Mossy Rocks

    High contrast and saturation. This preset is perfect for enhancing photos with cliffs that feature luscious greens. Also works great on jungle photos.

    Landscape 5 - Rapeseed Fields

    Bright and warm. This preset enhances saturation in yellows and reduces saturations in greens and blues. This preset is perfect for spring/ summer photos in rapeseed fields, sunflower fields and open fields.

    Landscape 6 - White Cliffs

    Soft and high contrast. This preset enhances highlight and shadows. High saturation in greens and reds. Perfect for white cliff photography e.g. Seven Sister, Beachy Head, Jurassic Coast, White Cliffs of Dover, Botany Bay, Ault etc. Gives a sleek professional look.

    Landscape 7 - Snowy Peaks

    Enhanced whites and shadows with low saturation. This preset is perfect for snowy mountains to enhance the contrast of the white snow and black rock.

    Landscape 8 - Mystic Woodlands

    Soft and bright with a dark vignette. This preset enhances greens and dulls other colours. Perfect for woodland photography to create a magical, mystical overlay.

    Why buy Travel in our Tracks presets?

    We have spent years perfecting and categorising our presets to suit a wide variety of images. These are the exact filters we use on our own @travelinourtracks Instagram account.

    Our presets are sold at a lower price compared to most other creators, especially for the amount you get and the quality you receive!

    Lastly, you are supporting small creators! It would mean so much and help us maintain our small business! 

    Don’t forget to tag us @travelinourtracks and use our hashtag #travelinourtracks on your edited photos so we can see them and feature them on our profile!

    What are Lightroom Presets?

    Lightroom presets are advanced filters (like Instagram filters but so much better) to make your photo look a certain way or style. They are created via Lightroom which you can use via your laptop (monthly paid), and mobile (free mobile app). If we really like a particular edit, we save that edit as a preset so we can use it on other photos in a click. The presets we use for our own images are the ones we sell in our shop!

    Mobile vs Desktop Presets

    Mobile presets are the same presets you use on your desktop but you can apply them to your photos on the go. These are DNG files and cannot be used on desktop.

    The Lightroom on your computer is a subscription and you have more options available for customising our presets to suit your images perfectly. These are XMP files and cannot be used on mobile.

    What images do your presets work on?

    Every image is different and not every preset will work on every single photo, you'll probably need to do some slight adjustments which can be done on your Phone or Desktop from the Lightroom App.

    I am new to Lightroom, can I still use them?

    Yes, presets are made for Lightroom beginners or intermediates that like to learn new styles.

    If you’re already highly invested in your photography and want to have more control over your edits, we suggest you get the desktop version of Lightroom and use Desktop Presets.

    If you are just beginning with photography, and want to learn a quick easy way to edit like us, we recommend you go with the free Lightroom mobile app, along with our Mobile Presets.

    A combination package is also wise so you have the control and detail of desktop edits, but also the option to edit on the go too!

    Do I directly get the presets after payment?

    Yes! As soon as payment is complete you'll be redirected to a browser page where you can download the presets and installation guides AND you'll receive email confirmation with download links.

    How to install the presets?

    Installing the presets is easy, there is a detailed installation guide with images included in the download.

    I don't see all presets after installing...

    - On Lightroom, go to the presets panel, click the 3 dots and select 'Show Partially Incompatible Presets'.

    - On Lightroom Classic, go to settings -> presets and check the box 'Show Partially Compatible Develop Presets'.

    - On Mobile, select presets, on the top right corner of your screen, click the 3 dots and select 'Show Partially Incompatible Presets'.

    Do you only use one preset when you post a photo on Instagram?

    No, we use a preset as a base for our colour scheme. We then make small adjustments to the the photo depending on the lighting.

    I need more help!

    If you get stuck, email us at OR DM us on instagram @travelinourtracks 

    DISCLAIMER* The mobile presets are not compatible with desktop version of Lightroom, the desktop presets are not compatible with mobile versions. All preset sales are final. Digital products cannot be returned, no refunds available.