Guide to Prague at Christmas

Prague Christmas Markets

One of the best times of year to visit Prague is over Christmas. Sightseeing in Prague is amazing when the Christmas markets are in town, with little hubs of festivity breaking up your walk. From extravagant markets in the city centre, to tiny local Christmas markets outside of main Prague. This post will give you some tips on the best way to experience the Christmas markets, focusing on the biggest and most popular in Old Town Square

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Old Town Square

The Christmas Markets in Old Town Square usually run from the end of November to the start of January. This market is one of the biggest with lots of stalls to browse with hearty food, local drinks, and christmasy trinkets, making it one of the best places to soak up the festivity. There’s a big stage for christmas carols, and there’s a HUGE christmas tree with lights that dance to music. Locals and tourists come together to enjoy the beauty in Old Town Square at Christmas.

Prague Ham

A food that’s at the majority of Christmas Markets in Prague is Prague ham. Whilst the pits LOOK really tasty, I can’t say it was the best thing I’d ever experienced. We would’ve enjoyed it more had we not been severely ripped off. For the plate pictured below, with the cabbage and potatoes, we ended up paying about £25, NOT WORTH IT. We asked for a portion, and I’ve since found out you should ask for your food in weight! 100g of Old Prague Ham is a snack and should come to ~CZK99 (£3.30). If you want to try it ask for a weight and you won’t get robbed like we did!

Hot Dogs

Another common food at the Prague Christmas markets are hot dogs! Opt for Frankfurter-style párek sausages, or if you’re hungry, the larger Pražská Klobása, which are bright red, subtly spiced, and ideal for warming you up! Alcohol isn’t usually served on the same stands as food, so head to a booze stall and wash it down with a beer.


We’d never seen or heard of these before we got to Prague! You won’t regret indulging in one of these (they’re hard to miss). These long, cylindrical-shaped strips of dough are covered in sugar and almonds or cinnamon and rotated over piping-hot coals, and make the most delicious, warming treat! We had our first with a thin layer of nutella on the inside. Pair this with a Svařené víno, the Prague version of mulled wine. You’ll be set for the cosiest festive experience. Read our Prague Food Guide to find out where to get a luxurious version of the Trdelnik.

Prague is one of the most festive places to get you in the Christmas spirit! We hope this inspires you fro your next Christmas trip, let us know in the comments if you go, and what you loved the most! Also let us know where your favourite festive destination is!

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