Michelin Star Experience

Ristorante All’Oro Roma

All’Oro is the first Michelin-starred restaurant we have been to, recommended to us by Jordan’s parents who previously visited for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Read on for our incredible experience, and a sneak peek into the magic of chef Riccardo Di Giacinto’s creations!

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The Place

From outside the gates All’Oro looks like your average fancy house, located on you average looking street, perfectly concealing the magic that lies inside. We were given a tour of the inside rooms, all radiating an elegant atmosphere. As we visited in summer, we had the chance to dine outdoors in their ‘exotic forest’ style  garden, such a beautiful ambiance!

Via Giuseppe Pisanelli, 25 Piazza del Popolo, 00196 Roma, Italy

The Food

‘A theatre of food’ springs to mind when describing this experience. From start to finish, it is a seamless production, tickling all of the senses through true artistic flare. Each dish comes with an explanation of provenance, creativity, and diligence from staff and the chef himself. Some dishes are finished in the kitchen, some at the table, all with flair and unmistakable passion. Some restaurants try too hard to create artistic concepts, making what you are eating no longer seem like food, but this is not the case here! While the dishes were very creative, the flavour and substance of the dish is never lost. We didn’t capture all of the dishes in the tasting menu as we were so immersed in the experience, we simply forgot!! However, that does leave you with an element of surprise when you visit yourselves.

The Verdict

We were somewhat apprehensive before visiting, as sometimes when people build things up to be incredible (which my parents did), you set your expectations too high and get let down… but this was definitely not the case, and our experience was easily 5 star. If you’re a foodie like us, and are looking for a luxury experience in Rome, then All’Oro is a must!

This is an experience to save up for! Our total bill came to around 300 Euro, but really you can’t put a price on the whole experience. It’s not something you’d do on a regular so splashing out sometimes is 100% worth it! Read our food guide to Rome to see our favourite, more affordable places.

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