Jaipur Food Night Market

Guide to the Best Food Night Market in Jaipur (plus 1 other place to explore!)

Wherever you go in India, you’re going to find amazing food. Choosing where to eat can sometimes be a little overwhelming because there’s SO much to choose from. This blog post will share our favourite food night market in Jaipur, and the dishes you should 100% try!

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Masala Chowk night market

Located a short walk from the Albert Hall Museum, the Masala Chowk Food Night Market offers 21 flavours of the Pink City in one small courtyard. It was created mainly to attract tourists visiting the Albert Hall Museum, but it has since become the talk of the town with locals too, meaning it must be good!

Ram Niwas Bagh, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004, India

There’s a huge range of variety here, leaving you absolutely spoilt for choice. Each dish ranges from Rs. 80 – Rs.120, and you will leave this place VERY full up! This post will share our favourite dishes we tried here, and also an unusual way they make chai!

1. Dabeli

This sandwich like snack was sweet, soft, with a little crunch! It’s made by mixing boiled potatoes with dabeli masala and stuffing it inside a ‘ladi pav’ (burger bun). They topped it with different chutneys, pomegranate and roasted peanuts. I don’t think these should go well together, but WOW did they!  

2. Moong Dal Chilla

This yummy savoury crepe/ pancake like snack is made with mung dal (split yellow lentils), spinach and spices, and served with a variety of sauces and chutneys. They’re pretty thick, making them very filling so we suggest sharing or only having one so you can fit more in!

3. Pani Puri

A very popular and well known snack all over India, if you haven’t heard of it already then you’re sure to see it as soon as you arrive anywhere in India! It’s a crunchy ball shaped ‘bowl’ which is filled with onions and a spicy liquid. You’ve got to eat it in one bite, there’s no other way! This snack is fun, messy and TASTY!

4. Paneer Tikka Masala

As it says on the tin, soft paneer cheese fried in a spicy tikka masala sauce. Traditional, simple and delicious! A must try.

5. Masala Chai

While Chai may not be considered a snack, you’ve got to try it here purely for how they make it in front of you! First they take a firing clay cup and pour hot masala chai over the flames to smoke it out. They then let the chai bubble over and stir the clay cup around in the chai to infuse it further. The chai is then poured into a fresh clay cup, et voila! Perfect clay infused chai. Really wish I could box it up and keep it hot for cold winters in the UK!

Side Trip: Jaipur Day Markets

I’ve included this at the end as I thought it didn’t warrant its own post but wanted to let everyone know! In the pink city near the Chandpole bazar, behind the main streets, you’ll find yourself in a crazy colourful fruit and veg market. We stumbled across it whilst wandering around and think you should definitely check it out if you have time. It’s a little smelly but you’ll get a proper sense of local life and its super colourful, the perfect photo opportunity! 

These are but just a few delights on offer at Masala Chowk, you’ll be sure to find something you’ll love! Check out our sightseeing guide for some more amazing sights like the fruit and veg market!

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