This is Travel in our Tracks

Firstly, thank you so much for checking out our website! We really hope you enjoy our posts!

We started this blog as a sort of diary, somewhere we can post our pictures and experiences while travelling. Somewhere our family and friends back home can keep up to date with our adventures.

The goal of Travel in our Tracks is to capture our adventure in a way that inspires others to get out there and experience the world. We’re just getting started so apologies for the delay in posts, we’re still working things out!

We’re from a small town called Bedford in the UK. We’ve been together since the ages of fourteen and sixteen, and throughout that time, finished school, finished university, started working, and have now caught the travel bug!

We set off on our big adventure on the 9th September 2019! We’re taking a short break from travelling at the moment (not out of choice… F*You Covid-19), but that means we have so much time to share the amazing places we’ve been so far!


Hi I’m Sam! I’m a graduate chemical engineer who loves food. I’m obsessed with cooking, and the world surrounding the dishes. I’ve cooked from a young age and always been open to trying everything and anything that has been put in front of me. Good produce is what’s important to me, and I can’t wait to discover new, local ingredients from the places we visit. 


I’m Jordan, a linguistics graduate who loves fashion and photography! I can’t wait to capture some incredible sights, and I hope my pictures inspire you to visit these amazing places! I have 2 extreme moods – hungry Jordan (you don’t want to meet her), so I’ve always got one eye on the street looking for tasty treats. And Jordan with a puppy, the happiest person you’ll ever meet! My idea of heaven is yummy food, puppies, cocktails and the beach!